She, In The Making is a creative hub with many fun ways to work together. below is a list of services offered, but the creative limit is up to your imagination.

Social Media & Partnerships

Partnerships are one of the most exciting components to being an artist. For my own outlet, love to work with brands who are in step with my lifestyle and relevant to my audience to create a mutually beneficial impact through our work together.

If you're looking for someone to create ongoing social media content for your company or business, I'm available for that as well.


Have an event you’d like someone to host or a panel to be moderated? I revel in any and all things that bring people together and would love to be the finishing touch of the beautiful event you've put together. 

Photography & styling

With 10 years of experience studying and exploring the art of photography, I create everything from portrait to product imagery, in and out of studio.

I am currently available for: 
- events
- portraits
- headshots
- product photography
- second (assist) shooting weddings
- and more.


To me, words are everything. I believe deeply in their power and ability to influence and create change. If you're looking to add a copywriter or contributor to your site, I'd love to hear more about what you do and see if we're a good match.


Lettering is a passion of mine that i'm honored to share. I letter everything from logos to backdrops and teach the artform as well.

Lettering options include:
- live lettering at events
- private workshops
- logos
- wedding signs & invitations
- personalized leather goods and jackets
- and more.

for hire/contract work

I love working with passionate people and brands who are all in. Want to work together on an ongoing basis? Think you have an opportunity I'd be perfect for?

let's work together, yeah yeah yeah!

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