Pick your musical preference: MisterWives Cover of Chance the Rapper's "Same Drugs" or Hundred Waters's "Show Me Love" ft. Chance

I'm SUPER excited for this post for a multitude of reasons. 
& brace yourself cause it's going to be a long, multi-faceted one. As a brief synopsis: expect sheer tops; overalls; Chance the Rapper; MTV VMA's; and last but not least being yourself. LEGGO.

So as I mentioned, I'm really excited about this post for a number of reasons. #1 being that I'm a huge fan of Chance the Rapper. If you're my friend IRL or on Facebook, there's absolutely no way you're unaware of this because I'm constantly blowing up your feed with Chance news or support - in a completely authentic, informational, non-spammy way. The people love it hahah, of this I am sure. 

It's gotten to that point where people send me Chance news, cause I'm that girl.

I wore an outfit similar to this a few weeks ago and a couple of my friends told me I looked like I was dressed like Chance. Huge compliment to me, OBVIOUSLY. So much so that I screenshotted it and reposted it to my snap story haha.

But it got me thinking that a Chance inspired post would be fun to incorporate into a new series I'll be having on my blog. 

#2 being that one thing I always struggled with in past attempts to participate in "fashion blogging" was the reality that I'm not ALWAYS purchasing new items. And if I'm featuring items that are new to you on my blog, they are probably things I've had forever that are no longer available online. So instead of focusing on showing you items you can purchase here and now, I wanted to find a way to leave you with something more tactile when visiting my blog. Thus came the idea of showing you multiple ways to style some of my favorite staple pieces.

outfit details

The sheer, billowy sleeved blouse that's beneath my overalls has hands down become my favorite top since I acquired it in December from Zara's winter sale. (same cut/style with different pattern & verrrrry cute linked top) It's amazing because it's so versatile. It's sheer enough to wear in multiple seasons/weather conditions. & It looks beautiful layered above or below other articles of clothing. The bell sleeves add this fun, feminine, and slightly sexy feel to any look. Because it's my favorite top and Chance is my favorite artist, I felt like this would be the perfect way to start out this series. P.S. Be on the lookout for my friend Brittany Rivers to share her Cara Delevingne inspired look soon!

I paired it with some distressed overalls I purchased one day at a fast fashion shop in the mall for $15 bucks that always seem to garner quite a few compliments. And then literally topped off this outfit with a beige suede cap (similar) from TJ Maxx, my classic gold Skagen watch (also copped at TJ Maxx), my Warby Parker tortoise shell glasses that I typically only pull out when driving, and these velvet bow tie cobalt blue heels from Target's Who What Wear line that I picked up for New Years.

This look is a fun spin on Chance's iconic 2016 VMA'S beige Mario & Luigi reminiscent outfit with his iconic Chance 3 cap. This was the first time I saw him in person, and no lie - I was a basket case. Screaming my head off when he would just come on the screen, let alone when I saw him on the floor.



I was in New York for a few months this past summer. That's a story for a whole 'other blog post that's long overdue, but in a nutshell, I felt God pulling me towards the city. I felt confirmation upon confirmation to get up and go, and thus I did. And girl, did He provide, and SPOIL me. I WAS SPOILTTTT. One of these abundant blessings being winning tickets to the MTV VMA'S. Totally out of the blue, totally amazing. I love the way that He orchestrates everything so perfectly. So in that same nutshell, I won tickets by commenting on an MTV instagram post saying myself and a high school friend should get to go to the VMA's because we would be amazing hype women all night. And 30 mins later I had a DM from MTV in my inbox saying when and where to pick up tickets. I was floored. I ran around my office building with my jaw dropped telling whoever wanted to listen to me. Hahaha my coworkers were amazingly kind and encouraging people. The event itself was so. much. fun. Just seeing Chance in person - though I didn't get to meet him - was so amazing, and I would say the cherry on the top of it all was seeing Beyonce perform live, during her surprise performance, for the first time. That woman is truly a living legend. That summer, actually my last full day in New York, I went on to my first festival by myself just to see Chance. I got pushed around/almost trampled upon but ended up finding a safe space, kindling a friendship with some lovely Canadians that I had slightly told off moments before when they attempted to block my view before Chance came on stage, ended up telling them about my love of Chance and Jesus, and had an amazing time with by myself, party of 1. WHICH ALSO LEADS ME TO ASK, anyone else going to be in NYC at Gov Ball to see Chance on June 2? If so, LET ME KNOW! Would love to meet you! But I digress, back to this post.


the meat & gravy of the post

My #3 reason for excitement over this post is that clever little title at the top of this post I came up with. 


This year, my word is unapologetic. I didn't get one instantly and had kind of settled on the fact that maybe I wouldn't have a word, because I wasn't going to force one upon myself. And as the year progressed, it just kinda grew upon me and next thing I knew I looked around and said "Oh, there you are." And to accompany it, bold. As women, we apologize far too often. In my own life, I noticed that I had fallen into this horrifyingly obnoxious habit, but even more so that I was living my life in a state of fear of screwing up. In fear of saying the wrong thing or at times ruffling the wrong feathers, and even more so in fear of failing. And I don't think living unapologetically means never making mistakes or never apologizing if you mess up. To me, it means living fully, regardless of what's happened in your past or what could go wrong in your future. Living boldly, speaking your mind, and acting out of a place of confidence and love instead of concern for the reaction of others. I realized in many aspects, I allow fear to prohibit myself from moving forward. Fear of something not being perfect, fear of being overbearing or annoying, fear of being "too much". An amazing woman I look up to, Stacy Ike, posted on her insastory one day saying "When you say I'm 'too much', maybe you should ask yourself 'Are you even enough?'" or something along those lines. I LOVED IT, and so I took it to heart. When we live and operate out of this place of fear or being "sorry" and constantly waiting for the ball to drop, we limit ourselves, our potential, and our creativity. We have to constantly push past that place of safety or the desire to be on everyone's good side, so we can even find our own best side for ourselves, and find the us that is our truest form of self. And that's the sweet spot. That spot is gravy. It's where we should constantly operate from and will inevitably make our best work. It's where we become who we are most proud of. It's where we grow exponentially, learn, and excel from, and it's the space God intended for us to live in from the very beginning. Tell me, who was it that told you that you couldn't be all you wanted to be? That your dreams were too big? That your personality was "too much" and that your voice was too loud? Ladies, it's time to push that to the side and stand up. To give yourself a chance to be fully and completely yourself. To give yourself a chance to shine. 

with much love and adoration on this beautiful Women's Day!


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