take a few moments to relax

let the sweet tunes of the music take you away and embrace a moment all to yourself


I've been cherishing the little opportunities I'm able to create for myself to rest. I love how rest can come in so many different forms if we don't force it to fit into our lives in the same way every single day.  Each day, I try to remember to ask God to let me live my day as a new adventure, with Him. Given the nature of working freelance, each day truly is different for me. And though your days might seem a little (or much) more consistent, this doesn't disqualify you from experiencing each day as one as well. Each day we have the opportunity to encounter different people, we experience different emotions, at the very least we see a new sky, or experience a new wind whip past our face, or new rain drops that touch our skin. In the same way, I think it's healthy to give yourself space to adapt the ways which we rest alongside that which we experience. Whether that be quiet time in the morning, flipping through a book of inspirational imagery with a cup of tea, or sitting and catching up with a friend. We are each comprised of so many different traits and characteristics, and what we need in terms of a breather on a day to day basis could vary from a few deep breaths, putting on your favorite record to relax, or being in touch with nature for a bit. Today, for me it was a quiet car ride from Starbucks with my much needed matcha latte in hand, just thanking God for my blessings. Leisurely reminiscing centered me as the sweet matcha, intertwined with the nutty notes of almond milk and the essence of honey trickled down my throat, swirled around my belly, and warmed my core. And honestly it was 80 degrees out, so who knows why my stomach was craving it's warm embrace, but I was so thankful I didn't opt for an iced one and recognized that it was exactly what I needed in that moment. It's incredible what moments of stillness and consciously choosing to be centered can do for us. How they can rejuvenate and refresh us. What might you be able to do to carve that out for yourself today?



Distressed denim jacket, fishnet ankle socks, gold mesh choker, and lace bralette c/o Tobi ♥  Jeans (similar) - Nordstrom Rack | Black Camisole - Old Navy | Shoes (very similar) - Marc Fisher via Bloomingdale's Outlet || Special thanks to my kind pal Lara for helping to make this shoot a reality and providing the cutest space ♥

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