So, like I said at last post, we are in this series of styling key wardrobe staples, featuring my favorite sheer, bell sleeved Zara top (similar). In the last post, I took on a Chance inspired, rough around the edges, yet feminine look. Today, I'm going full on classic with a sprinkle of feminine sass!

All black has, was, and will always be classic. But there are ways that you can add some flair to it if you want to go beyond being monochromatic, while still achieving the same elevated, classic, and instantly compelling look. 

It was easy for me to put together this outfit because I've done so many times. I absolutely love this top over a black lace camisole (similar). I love the feminine touch that can come from being completely covered up with a silhouette that screams "but trust, I still got it!" 

This outfit is something that's a perfect transitional look. Despite the dark hue, it's perfectly light enough to wear on a nice spring day. In the first look, I decided to focus on playing up the outfit with some color. The question was, to choose blush pink found in my favorite Ted Baker crossbody (so similar that I kind of want this one too) or the Cobalt blue in my Who What Wear velvet heels? And I found that the answer -- that ironically also came in form of a question -- was "How about both?!"

So fair warning - I'm about to take this seemingly completely undaring act to a MUCH bigger place. Let me tell you this, when it comes to style there are NO rules if you decide for yourself there are no rules. It's like someone trying to tell you "these are the parameters your personality must fall within." How ridiculous and boring would our world be if everyone was only "allowed" to be x, y, and z?! In the same way, your style can be absolutely whatever you're drawn to. The thing I fall in love with about personal style over and over again is the whole "why the hell not?!" aspect. I love remembering, I can try whatever it is I want, and as I experiment with different things, I learn something about life and myself in the process. I honestly think as I try a new combo and acknowledge how it makes me feel, I grow in an understanding of myself and my "process". I love exercising this creative component of my brain and then realizing I feel damn good in this concoction I created. It reminds me "I CAN TRY DIFFERENT THINGS. I DON'T HAVE TO BE SCARED. I CAN GO OUT ON A LIMB AND BE GREAT." I truly thank God for the creativity He's bestowed in me, in so many of my counterparts, and in each of us. It's so rewarding to utilize and He's just the smartest (obviously) for allowing us to operate that way. 

But I'm totally that person that takes a little thing and finds complete revelation in it, and I love that way of thinking as well. There's so much to be learned all around us each and every day, even in the smallest of acts. And I would say, I digress again, but I think if you're following along, you're starting to pick up on the fact that I'm not really digressing. I'm really just delivering the meat of this post right in the middle where it belongs and I'm about to finish up this patty with the top bun.


So, on a colder weather fashion front  - you can easily swap out these high waisted hot pants (similar) for a pair of heftier weighted black pants and layer it with a trench or moto jacket on days it's chillier. In the colder months, I had no problem putting a heavy winter coat over it, pairing some over the knee boots, and even a scarf to top it off. And the turtle neck aspect of the top gives me this (probably false) sense of security that I'm doing something to protect myself from the harsh winds that get my unprotected chest sick every year without fail. 

Since this time of year is so different depending on where you're currently located, I felt that it would be great to give you another example of how I might switch up this example if it were the temp were few degrees less. Cue my iconic duo - my Zara fedora (similar) & TJ Maxx lace detailed jacket. (similar)

I'm going to be honest with you, this hat/jacket combo never fail me. And I say never because I wear them ALL the time and always feel the need to document it when I do because I feel great in them! I layer them on top of so many outfits and they pretty much always work/elevate something to a little bit edgier place. PLUS the thickness of the materials add an additional layer of warmth that protects some key areas (my head and chest) from slightly cooler temps. For this look, it was fun to have the blue detailing in the lace tie back into that of the chosen shoes, but when the temperature was lower, I was also quick to pair this with my favorite Marc Fischer over the knee boot. These items might be my favorite duo for giving an outfit a new spin, but feel free to play around with that's in your closet -- or even go on a little thrifting spree -- to find what works for you. If you're like me and live in a state like Texas, you know we can experience all four seasons in a mere 24 hours. If you leave the house in a tank top that morning, half the time you'll re-enter it that evening wishing you'd grabbed a sweater, or vice versa! With this look it's nice to know you can grab a couple additional items to throw in your back seat and walk out the door, knowing you're prepared for whatever the day might throw at you!

Until next time!




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