Hi lovelies!

I was reading through this post on VSCO titled "The Force is Female" and had this quote had me shook to the point that I had to share it as a visual I created to place on my vision board. Have you ever heard of anything more true?! Sometimes I sit in awe of the women that I know and get to meet on a regular basis. I'm inspired, I'm challenged and sometimes I just wonder "HOW DO YOU DO IT?!" Women are my biggest inspirations. I love being a Panamanian and African American woman in America. I love thinking of how powerful, resilient, and yet individual women are. Of the power that's within us, and that's within me. I love how I'm able to be reminded of my own by looking at the women I look up to who help empower and inspire me. These words are incredibly beautiful and incredibly true. Don't you forget them. And just in case you do, save the image below and print it out for your journal or vision board, or even place it in the center of your desktop background as I have ;)


Much love,


Kelsey Lemons