During Black History Month, Bumble wants to pay tribute to the many contributions of Black women throughout US history and use those stories to inspire action.

When we think of these women, you're exactly who comes to mind. We'd love to have your presence at the table.

We want to help empower and equip the Bumble community to bring about positive social change to recognize and celebrate the important work of the Black women in their own localized communities, such as our very own community of Dallas


The Event

Though this won’t be a plated meal, we are carrying the sentiment of recognizing each of you, while honoring the table that’s been set before us by our ancestors throughout the evening — and of course, without a doubt there will be a delicious array of food and drink to be had! In addition to refreshments, we’ll have beautiful conversations, exchanging of ideas, connections formed, and a portrait session.

The Timing

I want each of you to not only feel seen, but also be as engaged in this event as possible. If you can only stay for a short period of time, please let me know when you’ll be arriving or what time you’ll have to dip. Beginning around 7:30 pm, we’ll be taking portraits of everyone. If there’s an item that’s of much significance to you, that you’d like to have in your portrait, please feel free to bring it and/or wear it.

The Attire

Stunt on ‘em, sis! Come through in your absolute favorite outfit. You don’t have to be dressed to the nines, but I want you to come portrait ready, in a fit that truly exemplifies you — big hair, sleek bun, bold earrings, or a simple statement lip — whatever it is, come as the real you.

The Shoot

“FRAMED” is a photo series that’s been on my heart for years, and I’m honored to begin the process of this photo series with all of you. The image of black women and men has consistently been framed by the media, the political system, the criminal justice system, and the majority at large. This series is a step into a different direction — of reframing our own identities; of holding up the frame for our sisters and brothers, shedding light onto the vibrance, strength, and beauty of who we are — our hair, our skin, our creativity, our ancestry, our heritage. Aside from the food, beverages, and conversations that will take place, amidst this we will also be taking portraits that will be sent out with a national PR push for Black History Month, including portraits taken of all of you beautiful souls.*

Because of the nature of the event, each person’s portrait will be taken within a couple of minutes. I definitely want to be sure to provide additional information along with these portraits to send out as well, which is the reasoning for the following. Please submit the answers to the following questions by Sunday, 2/24 at 10:00 am at the latest.

Name *
Your birth given name, and also what you prefer to answer to*
How do you see yourself as a person? Who do you identify as? A mother, encourager, fighter, lover?
What do you excel at?
Why do you do what you do? What gets you up in the morning? Where does your passion live and thrive?
What do you do for the coins?
What’s your favorite part about being a black woman? Despite everything that is thrown at us, why wouldn’t you trade it for the world? Why is there nothing better than being a black woman? Everyone else may never be able to get it, but give them a glimpse of insight into the magic.
Share a word for other black women and one for the world. What do you want everyone to know?

* By attending this event, you are agreeing to be photographed by She, In The Making and/or BREDA Studio, which may be used for social media/marketing purposes by Bumble, She, In The Making, BREDA Studio, Marie Saint James, and/or any vendors or affiliates.